How the World is Changing and What it Means for the Church webinar

Webinars with Rev. Cameron Trimble of Convergence
Webinar #1 will be held Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 6:30 pm
Zoom and In-Person Room 116
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Webinar 1: How The World is Changing and What It Means for the Church

Join us in this webinar as Rev. Cameron Trimble explores the church’s journey through the troubling, challenging, and curious days that are unleashing people of faith into a world seeking wisdom but not seeking institutional Church. We are being invited to create a world without many of the constraints of previous ages that perhaps narrowed our imaginations and options for growth. We will have a chance to engage her presentation as well as explore with other participants the wisdom needed for this moment and the coming days.


Jan 25 2023


6:30 pm


Room 116 (Old Room 7)

Location 2


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